Kick Off Meeting

Representatives from the 9 hosting institutions assisted to the launching meeting that was held in ISGlobal, Barcelona on the 2nd February 2015

02 febrero 2015 - 03 febrero 2015

From left to right: Pascal Mertens (CORIS), Jose Luis Oliveira (BMD), Jean-Claude Dujardin (ITM), Jean-Loup Lemesre (IRD), Vicente Larraga (CSIC), Petr Volf (CUNI), Montserrat Gállego (ISGlobal), Orin Courtenay (WARWICK), Marleen Boelaert (ITM), Michael Miles (LSHTM), Albert Picado and Mària Sánchez (ISGLobal)

The first meeting of the consortium took place in Barcelona, with the participation of 11 scientists belonging to nine different research centres in Europe.

The main goals of the meeting were to constitute the boards, define the work package activities and clarify the recruitment process of the candidates to develop their PhD within the project's framework.

Moreover, the kick-off meeting also marked the opening of the selection process of the PhD students for the three-year contracts to develop the fifteen projects that include areas such as drug development, vaccines, diagnostic tools, genetic population studies, vector control and integrated control programmes.  The deadline for applications was April 5, after which the institutions proceeded to the selection process and interviews.