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LeishSlam during WorldLeish Congress in Toledo, Thursday 18th May at 8:30

LeishSlam is a form of Science Slam, a science communication event where scientists explain their research projects in short 5-minute-talks that are easy to follow for a general audience in a casual setting, and afterwards the audience gets to vote. The important thing is not primarily the scientific outcome of the work, but to explain it in an understandable, entertaining and concise way to the public.


Two work better than one - article on Vera Kühne (Project 1.5) at ITM P3 Magazine

More than 100 researchers work on their PhD at ITM at any given time. P³ talked to Shahab and Vera, talented researchers from Bangladesh and Germany, who participate in two innovative PhD programmes. Although ITM is their base, they also work on their thesis at other institutions.


Welcome to our new project partner. the University of Gadarif (Sudan)

Following the approval of the Commision, the UoG formally joins consortium

Read at AfHEA's 2016 Conference (Rabat, Morocco - September 2016)

African Health Economists and health policy Analysts biannual conference. The project 1.6 implemented by Céline Aaerts presented a poster in the conference.

Read project at SEBBM Congress (Salamanca, Spain, 5th-8th Sept. 2016)

Project 2.2 lead by Luis Martins showcasts a poster on the Enoyl-CoA hydratase/isomerase of Leishmania infantum as a potential therapeutic target


The Usinger Anzeiger publishes an article from Vera Kühne' research progresses in (5th August 2016)

The Usinger Anzeiger is a local newspaper in Hesse (Germany) reporting since 1866 on regional and national events [ > 5.000 copies]

Read project at ISOPS IX (Reims, France, 28th June - 1st July 2016)

Up to ten members of team assisted and presented during the conference


MSCA-ITN networking event at CIB-CSIC (Madrid, Spain, 1st July 2016) project 2.2 presented at the occasion of the ITN-MSCA one day simposium

Read at the ISNTDd3 (London, U.K. - 25-26th May 2016)

Research work on 'Estimation of the risk of developing resistance to antileishmanial drugs', project lead by Aya Hefnawy

Read at the ENII-EFIS-EJI Summer School (Olbia, Sardinia, Italy - 7-14th May 2016)

Project 2.1 lead by Joana Pissarra showcasts a poster on the progresses to develop an epitope-based vaccine

Read at ISNTD Coinfections (London, UK - 29th April 2016)

Project 1.7 lead by Temmy Sunyoto showcasts a poster from the first manuscript of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Somalia


Field work (Rita's project update)

In Project 2.7 "Evaluation of canine leishmaniasis vaccine under field conditions in Spain", a Canine leishmaniasis serological survey and an entomological survey is being performed

Read at Research in progress 2015 - RSTMH

Céline Aerts from ISGLOBAL presented a poster introducing main objectives for project 1.6 "Economic and business impact evaluation of Public-Private Partnerships for the development of drugs and diagnostic tools for leishmaniasis and other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)"

Read 1st Networking retreat

First Network Retreat hosted by ISGlobal in Barcelona.Two days scientific meeting (15-16 September) for projects Supervisors, Fellows and Partners. Two days workshop activities (17-18 September) for Fellows only.