at the ENII-EFIS-EJI Summer School (Olbia, Sardinia, Italy - 7-14th May 2016)

Project 2.1 lead by Joana Pissarra showcasts a poster on the progresses to develop an epitope-based vaccine

14 mayo 2016

The 11th ENII, EFIS and EJI Summer School’ on Advanced Immunology took place in Sardenia (Italy) from the 7th to the 14th May 2016. The six-day course is a combination of lectures from the guest faculty, which are then followed up with smaller tutorial sessions to allow greater interaction and time for addressing the current issues of the topic.

Poster sessions are an integral part of the school for the faculty and students mingle and discuss the students' works. The project 2.1 lead by Joana Pissarra presented a poster showing progresses in the development of an epitope-based vaccine from proteins present in the Leishmania secretome, a major player in host/pathogen interactions.

The PDF version of the project' poster is downloadable here.