Aptum Biologics Ltd. (APTUM)

It's all about epitopes

Aptum Boilogics Ltd. is SME specialized in protein analysis service, peptide synthesis and custom antibody services. 

APTUM performs full analysis, using the EpiQuest Suite, of a protein sequence submitted to us in a single-letter code. They will identify the relative immunogenicity of the regions (unique software), the level of the complexity of various domains (unique software), presence of conserved domains, probability of surface exposure, and provide you a full report of the best linear epitopes, suggested animals for immunization. 

Moreover, the company performs solid-phase synthesis of epitope peptides from 70% to 98% purity for preparing the antigen. Cost-effective synthesis from 3 to 30 amino acid sequences and animal immunization using novel adjuvants produced by Aptum, polyclonal or monoclonal antibody preparation.

Euroleish.net involvement: lead by Dr. S.V. Litvinov, the company will host a secondment for project 1.4 which focuses on the training in in silico comparative analysis of epitopes/antigenicity.


1.4 Strategies for improving differential diagnosis and providing biomarkers

Aptum Biologics Ltd. (APTUM), Southamptom, United Kingdom - Karolinska Institutet (KI), Stockholm, Sweden - Coris BioConcept (CORIS), Gembloux, Belgium - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), London, United Kingdom