INBios International, Inc.

InBios International, Inc. is a medical diagnostic company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing medical diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious diseases. Since its inception in 1996, InBios has developed proprietary technologies useful in the development of rapid and ELISA based immunodiagnostic assays. It has also licensed antigens from major corporations and research organizations from which a number of its assays have been developed.

InBios also engages in contract manufacturing and assay development for companies who wish to outsource this part of their business. On a strictly confidential basis, the company manufactures products for clients in accordance with the Quality System Regulations of the FDA. Located near downtown Seattle, the facility includes a low humidity, environmentally controlled production room, state-of-the-art reel-to-reel reagent dispensing equipment, automated ELISA system, packaging and labeling equipment as well as separate research, tissue culture and quality control laboratories. InBios stands ready to assist clients in all aspects of product development from the feasibility phase to final product submission to the FDA.

The management at InBios International, Inc. believes firmly that the key to success is to offer very high quality products and services at competitive prices. Looking into the future, and building upon its proprietary technology, InBios will continue to develop new diagnostic tests for infectious diseases worldwide. involvement: Dr. Steven Reed is co-supervisor of project 2.5, providing training in inmunological and molecular techniques to identify novel antigens/combinations to be applied to population samples.


2.5 New methods to identify leishmania super-spreaders in modelling targeted control

INBios International, Inc., Seattle, USA - The University of Warwick (WARWICK), Coventry, United Kingdom - Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI), Seattle, USA