Mary Cameron

Mary is a Medical Entomologist with over 30 years of research experience in exploiting arthropod behaviour for the surveillance and control of a range of vector-borne diseases and arthropods of public health importance.

In addition to the ITN network, she is currently collaborating on the following:

1) a Science Without Borders project to develop a xenomonitoring system for lymphatic filariasis elimination in Recife, Brazil, 2015-2018,

2) a BBSRC studentship on ‘How does hybridisation influence life-history parameters and dispersal in Culex pipiens mosquitoes?’ (2015-2019 with The Pirbright Institute) and

3) a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation consultancy to advise on entomological surveillance of the Visceral Leishmaniasis elimination project in Bihar, India (2015-2016).