Jose Luis Oliveira



José Luis is associate professor in Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, University of Aveiro, Portugal, and founder of BMD Software, a SME that works in the biomedical informatics field.

His research interests include text mining, information retrieval, distributed systems and computational methods in biomedicine. He has been involved in more than 20 international projects, such as InfoGenMed, InfoBioMed, EU-ADR (FP7), GEN2PHEN (FP7), RD-CONNECT (FP7), HEMOSPEC (FP7), EMIF (IMI) and MedBioinformatics (H2020).

He has 200+ publications in book chapters, journals and international conferences.


1.8 A Leishmania knowledge center to support health care professionals and patients

University of Gondar (GONDAR), Gondar, Ethiopia - Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), Antwerp, Belgium - BMD Software (BMD), Aveiro, Portugal