Biogents AG

Biogents AG is an innovative company on the forefront of mosquito control research with an excellent reputation. The company is home to 14 permanent staff members and is composed of two business units that complement each other: the development and production of highly efficient mosquito traps and a contract research and development sector in the field of mosquito repellents and related products.

Research and development remains a strong point of the company: Biogents' scientists continue to develop and refine the expertise and the products the company offers.

In the product sector, Biogents develops and produces patented traps for mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects. The mosquito traps exhibit capture rates that are multiple times better than those of other designs. Biogents developed mosquito traps for different mosquito species, needs and requirements like the BG-Sentinel trap, used by mosquito professionals worldwide in surveillance programs or the BG-Mosquitaire for end users to control tiger mosquitoes and house mosquitoes.

In the contract research sector Biogents offers a broad range of methods that can be used to investigate the different modes of action of repellent products: mosquito repellent lotions and sprays, special textiles, repellents acting over a distance and similar products. Here, Biogents advises, researches and develops by contract or carries out product comparisons and provides proofs of effectiveness.

In the meantime, excellent contacts with formulation chemists have enabled Biogents to also offer the complete development of mosquito agents. involvement: Dr. Martin Geier, is co-supervisor of project 2.3, providing guidance to develop prototype delivery systems.